Spiritual Mantras

Spiritual Mantras

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How to Become a More Spiritual Person.

Spiritual people from ancient times have used mantras to enhance their religious experiences. If you're not familiar with mantras, they are simply Sanskrit words repeated during lengthy times of meditation.

Through focused breathing and contemplation, the sound vibration and rhythm of breathing can create a state of relaxation and sometimes a heightened sense of spirituality.

Those who are interested in studying this kind of spiritual meditation will find plenty to learn in the “Spiritual Mantras” eBook.


While there are many types of meditation in different religions around the world, and even different types of meditation within each religion, the essence of mantras and meditation is seeking freedom from the busyness of daily life.

No matter your level of spiritual experience, taking some time in a hectic schedule for focused relaxation and meditation has proven extremely beneficial for people from all walks of life, in different countries around the world, and throughout history.


“Spiritual Mantras” will introduce you to mantras and their use in meditation, and how their practice can bring relaxation, healing, and focus to your life.



Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: 
Spiritual Mantra Basics
Chapter 2: Find The Correct Mantra For What You Are Trying To Achieve
Chapter 3: Learn To Breath Correctly While Reciting
Chapter 4: Tap Into The Vibrational Sound In Your Own Brain
Chapter 5: Allow Thoughts To Come And Go
Chapter 6: Use Mantras Throughout Your Day
Wrapping Up
Pages: 21
Format: PDF

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Customer Reviews

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Great Book/Great Information

This book is accessible, well-written and it contains a great deal of valuable information. There are many helpful mantras for all different kinds of situations ranging from love and relationships to deep rooted inner issues like laziness, arrogance and sadness, just to name a few. I have had some amazing experiences with "sound vibration", and I have been exploring the power of mantras for over 20 years. Personally, I believe that the use of sound is one of the quickest and most effective ways of making deep,profound changes and experiencing a personal transformation. This book will provide a great deal of background information and set one in the right direction if mantra, chanting/sound vibration is your interest. This is a recommended good buy!

Five Stars

Great book for if you are just starting out with Mantras.

Bonita Morgan
Great for Yoga teachers and Yoga therapists

I buy this book for friends who may be interested in mantras. Excellently presented & researched. I refer to this frequently and have many pages highlighted.

Choose your mantra wisely.

This is an excellent book for meditation. Be very mindful of the mantras you choose. Some of them are very powerful and bring results with just a few repetitions. Good luck!

Good Resource

I liked the book, recommend it