Absolute Yoga

Absolute Yoga

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Mastering the Healing Art for Health and Tranquility.

People have been searching for the best way to improve all aspects of their life: physical, mental, relationship, self-development & spiritual wellness.

We live in a hectic world and everything requires attention. Minus the time we spend on work and our family, we have so little time to do focus on what’s most important in our life.


People are struggling to keep up with everything going on in life at once. So they have to sacrifice one aspect of their life to make time to improve at the other.

This ebook will show you the secret to achieve optimum health, mindfulness, and spiritual enlightenment that was practiced since 5,000 years ago.


Topics covered:

  • 5 reasons why you want to practice yoga now
  • Interesting scientific research findings on yoga that will blow your mind
  • The 7 spiritual laws of yoga to achieve spiritual consciousness
  • How yoga can help you take greater control of your thoughts, feelings, and life in general
  • Develop the ultimate strength & flexibility of a gymnast with yoga
  • Do you think yoga is too ‘girlie’? check this out (chapter 4)
  • Do you need to be flexible before you can do yoga? answer in (chapter 4)
  • Unleash your mental superpowers with yoga practice
  • How yoga can help you with weight-loss and maintain a healthy heart
  • 9 types of yoga for you to choose from (with different benefits and different levels)
  • How practicing yoga will strengthen your immune system (scientific research-backed proof!)
  • Specific yoga poses for decreasing inflammation, release common cold and bronchial congestion (chapter 7)
  • 9 easy yoga poses for you to get started
  • 7 healthy benefits of meditation
  • How to meditate mindfully with yoga
  • And much more...



Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 – The Science of Yoga and its Health Benefits
Chapter 2 – Yoga History
Chapter 3 - Emotions and the Mind/Body Connection
Chapter 4 – Yoga, Strength, and Flexibility
Chapter 5 - Yoga and Cardio and Weight Loss
Chapter 6 – Types of Yoga
Chapter 7 - Yoga Poses & Better Immunity
Chapter 8 - How to Get Started Doing Yoga
Chapter 9 - Preventing Injuries
Chapter 10 – Yoga and Meditation


Pages: 92.
Format: PDF.



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