Enneagram Elevation

Enneagram Elevation

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How to Use the Enneagram to Uplift You Spiritually

Enneagram is a diagram of a circle consisting of crossing lines that connect nine points. It's a linkage between Eastern spirituality and Western psychology.

In the current days, generally, Enneagram is used for self-discovery, understanding personality types, and different communicating patterns.


Discover your true self. Being conscious causes you to understand everything that defines you currently in all the works of your mind.

You will no longer limit yourself to your shortcomings, background, or environment that surrounds you.



Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: 
Enneagram Basics
Chapter 2: The 4 Elements of Consciousness
Chapter 3: Understand What “Type” You Are
Chapter 4: Understand What Your “Type” Needs For Spirituality
Chapter 5: Learn How To Manifest Through Your Tritype
Chapter 6: Why Consciousness Is Important
Wrapping Up

Pages: 23.
Format: PDF.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Paula Venancio
Get to know yourself better

I love this book. It's easy to follow and really explains personality traits very well. I was surprised.

Linnea R. Frank
Beautiful illustration of how to actually use the enneagram in life

I loved the practical uses of spiritual need that this book gave based on my enneagram type. I truly believe this book helps focus on what I should be doing instead of letting my natural fear take over

Troy James

This book was recommended as best ever Enneagram book so far. I began to read with a skeptical eye. Soon, I was a believer.

Valerio Valentino
Enneagram Elevation

Enneagram Elevation is a Very good even excellent book Very practical with much insights and support for your Self-realization

Nara Kronfli
Get it

Fun for the enneagram journey