Karma Crash Course

Karma Crash Course

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Simple Techniques for Maintaining Good Karma and Living a Happy Life.

When unexplainable things happen most people claim it to be karma, destiny or fate. These things supposedly happen at random and have no real tangible connections, or so it is popularly believed.

However, from time beginning this theory has been proven to be untrue. Everything and everyone is intimately and intricately linked one way or another. Those lucky few who are able to attain a level of oneness are able to discern this phenomenon.


Karma can be changed by altering the cosmic signature of an individual. This cosmic signature is literally the resonance frequency of energy attraction that the individual is either putting out or attracting.

Good karma can be incorporated into an individual’s life with a little or in some cases a lot of conscious effort. Good karma gives out good positive energy which in turn attracts good energy. With this book, you will learn all that you need to know about karma and who to attract and maintain a good one.



Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: All About Good Karma
Chapter 2: How Good Karma Can Benefit You
Chapter 3: How Good Karma Can Benefit The World
Chapter 4: Change Karma By Being Positive
Chapter 5: Learn The Lesson That Is Being Shown
Chapter 6: Have Compassion
Chapter 7: Get Your Anger Under Control
Chapter 8: Be Kind Daily
Chapter 9: Be Creative
Chapter 10: The Trouble With Not Adjusting Your Karma
Wrapping Up


Pages: 29.
Format: PDF.


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Customer Reviews

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A friend posted a quote on face book from Spiritualify and this led me to take a look at "Karma Crash Course". The topic is discussed in such a gentle manner and with a slightly different approach then other books I have read on the subject. Be mindful where you direct your energy and the questions you might ask as the universe may very well present you with the opportunity to understand something that you currently do not understand (and question). This little book "spoke to me" and I was left with a great sense of peace afterward!

Lourdes Marler
What an insightful book!

This is a great, easy to understand and relate to way to live your life. I never reread but have read this twice and will continue to use as a reference for life.

A little gem of a read!

Loved this book! Awakening me to a new way of seeing & thinking...want to get it for my sister ...helped me & will help her...recommend totally!

Michelle K. Dwyer
good read

This is a book for any person who wants to live a good life and be grateful for the thing they have. Great book.

Karma has many meanings

This book does a great job explaining the various laws of karma. It is deep, be prepared to think a little.