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Inside The World Of The Shaman!

In various human societies these days, there exist some individuals whose job is to supplement those religious practices of other people. These individuals also exist to guide people in such religious practices.

These individuals are really skilled at influencing and contacting supernatural beings as well as manipulating some supernatural forces. Such individuals are called Shamans and they are actually practicing what is commonly called Shamanism.


The practice of shamanism is not a religion, it is actually a method. This practice coexists with a lot of established religions in various cultures.

Many people, especially in the present days do not really know what shamanism means. There are a lot of terms such as sorcerer, witch doctor, witch, and even wizard that have their own ambiguities, preconceptions, and connotations associated with them.

Though the term shaman comes from Siberia, the method or the practice of Shamanism has started to exist in various inhabited continents.



Here is What You Will Learn in This Book:

  • Shamanism Basics
  • The Roles Of The Shaman
  • Shamanism Beliefs
  • How Shamanism Beliefs Fit With Soul And Spirit Concepts
  • Understanding Entheogens
  • And so much more!



Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Shamanism Basics
Chapter 2: The Roles Of The Shaman
Chapter 3: Shamanism Beliefs
Chapter 4: How Shamanism Beliefs Fit With Soul And Spirit Concepts
Chapter 5: Understanding Entheogens
Chapter 6: Related Music And Songs
Chapter 7: Tools Used In Shamanism
Chapter 8: Shamanism In Folk Tales
Chapter 9: Variations Per Region
Chapter 10: What The Critics And Proponents Have To Say


Pages: 33.
Format: PDF.



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