The Art Of Meditation Video Course

The Art Of Meditation Video Course

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It's about time for you to learn the art of meditation!

Meditation works with how your mind already operates. The bottom line is, if your mind did not have a self-correcting system to achieve some sort of balance or some sort of inner peace at some level or another, you would have gone crazy a long time ago. That is the bottom line.

Meditation really all boils down to getting in touch with that and becoming more aware of that machinery so you can call it into action when you need it, and on your own terms.


Your mind is a very powerful biochemical machine. It has all sorts of gears and processes and systems. Meditation just simply taps into this amazing interconnected network of internal systems that manage your personal reality to make the system work for you instead of against you.


With this 9-part video course...

  • You are going to understand the importance of meditation.
  • You will learn to identify the ins and outs of practicing meditation.
  • You will understand how your mind naturally processes stimuli.
  • You can begin to understand the truth about meditation, so you can make a real informed choice.
  • You are going to learn purely secular methods of achieving a meditative state.



Topics Covered:

Chapter 1: Common Myths About Meditation That Might Be Turning You Off
Chapter 2: Meditation In A Nutshell
Chapter 3: The Top 10 Benefits Of Meditation
Chapter 4: Practical Vs Esoteric Meditation
Chapter 5: The SEAL Quick Stress Relief
Chapter 6: Counting Your Breath
Chapter 7: Present Sense Mindfulness
Chapter 8: Watch Your Emotions Like Clouds
Chapter 9: Meditation Best Practices


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Download Format: RAR
Course Length: 51M:18S


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