The Law Of Attraction Made Easy

The Law Of Attraction Made Easy

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You may have heard of the popular book which came out a few years ago, and you probably wondered whether the principles inside it were really true. The author claims that these ancient secrets have worked for generation after generation of successful people. What about you? Will they work for you?


Here is your chance to find out. “The Law of Attraction Made Easy” will show you the basics of the law of attraction. If you're new to this term, the law of attraction simply says that like things attract each other.

For example, positive thoughts attract positive outcomes in your life. It's not quite as simple as that, but in general, the principles behind the law of attraction have worked countless times down through the centuries, and they can work for you.


This special guide will show you exactly what you need to do to implement the law of attraction in your life. Specifically here are the lessons you'll learn:

  • How the law of attraction works
  • Why you should be using these principles
  • The importance of focus and visualization
  • How the law affects your relationships
  • The law of attraction and money
  • Growing the business
  • Enjoying your work
  • Abundance and personal finances
  • And much more!


I challenge you to lay aside your skepticism and consider the principles that are discussed in “The Law of Attraction Made Easy.” If you're not getting the results that you want from life, then you owe it to yourself to put into practice these universal laws which are working for people all around the world.

These are people just like you and me, except they have learned the laws of success in their personal and business lives. It's not luck or magic. It’s the application of solid principles and the commitment to do whatever it takes. Why not get started today?



Table of Contents:

What is the Law of Attraction (LoA)?
Why Do So Many People Believe It Is True?
How Can You Use the LoA to Your Benefit?
Chapter #1: Law of Attraction – An Overview
How Should You Use It?
How Do You Know It Works?
Why Cynicism is Bad
Why Focus and Visualization is Important
How to Create an Environment for Focus and Visualization
How to Avoid Bad Thoughts
Chapter #2: LoA and Relationships
LoA and Love
Chapter Summary
Chapter #3: LoA and Money
How to Start a Business
How to Grow a Business
How to Create Business Partnerships
LoA and the Workplace
LoA and Getting a Promotion
How to Improve Your Relationship with Co-Workers
How to Enjoy Your Work Life More
LoA and Personal Finance
How to Improve Your Finances with the LoA
How to Apply the Principle of Abundance When You’re Broke
Chapter Summary
Chapter #4: LoA and Personal Growth
LoA and Goals
LoA and Learning
Chapter Summary

Pages: 40
Format: PDF



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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Cameron Bishop
You can do it!

I loves this book so much. There are so many simple exercises anyone can do in a daily basis, to really bring about more incredible things in your life. Love this book so much. Thank you Spiritualify for showing us a great way to manifest so many things we want in our lives! :)

Susan Ann Jamieson
I have already recommended this book to my friends

I have to say, I dont write too many reviews but I felt this read was worth it. Each short chapter, only a few pages, has a 'lesson' and an assignment - which I appreciate. If you're diligent, as I am, you keep an accompanying journal and learn to focus your own personal vision in much more detail than you might have previously imagined. I have already recommended this book to my friends who are also looking to change, grow and get 'unstuck.'

A fantastic Read

What I like about the book is it is practical, interesting, easy follow and great read.

Inspiring ideas broken down into easy steps — perfection!

What an amazing tool! Sometimes this topic feels either too "guru" or too scientific, but Spiritualify has made manifesting modern, fun, and totally doable. This is a really easy read. Each "chapter" is an idea, and each idea has action steps for integrating the idea. This makes the whole book both inspirational and doable. I can imagine focusing on one thing a week and really creating an amazing life.


I enjoy reading this book.