The Spiritual Strength Of Sedona

The Spiritual Strength Of Sedona

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How to Increase Your Energy as Though You are in Sedona's Vortex.

Many people spend countless hours, days, and even weeks searching for the perfect spiritual destination. Search no more, Sedona is the perfect place for spiritual strength.

Sedona is famous and known all over the world as the world power spot and spiritual mecca, this place has drawn the most amazing and best healers, artists, spiritual guides of the world.


The local community of Sedona has been learning and enjoying the intricacies of residing in or very close to the Sedona temple that through centuries, has been used as the place in order to connect with heavens from the earthy plane.

Visiting Sedona has become the answer to questions we bring up in our everyday thoughts.


Here’s What You'll Learn in this Book:
  • What is a spiritual vortex?
  • The special properties the “red rocks” hold
  • Native American beliefs
  • Harmonic Convergence
  • Are All the Spiritual Sites of the World Linked Up?
  • And much more...



Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Sedona Basics 
Chapter 3: What Is A Spiritual Vortex
Chapter 4: The Special Properties The “Red Rocks” Hold
Chapter 5: Native American Beliefs 
Chapter 6: Harmonic Convergence
Chapter 7: How To Find A Vortex 
Chapter 8: How To Use A Vortex
Chapter 9: Ley Line Theory (Are All The Spiritual Sites Of The World Linked Up?)
Wrapping Up The Dos And Don’ts Of Visiting A Spiritual Place


Pages: 33.
Format: PDF.


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