Universal Attraction Law

Universal Attraction Law

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Develop Spiritual Prowess By Harnessing Your Inner Being...

Whether you take part in a popular faith or take an independent course, whether you trust in divine creation or cling to strict physical objectivity, your notions about reality specify the overall context of your life.

In that sense, all of us are spiritual beings as we all have particular beliefs about reality. Even to believe nothing may still be considered part of a spiritual belief scheme.


Your spiritual development is an inherent part of the process of human growth. Reality, affection, and major power don't prescribe a particular spiritual doctrine, so there's lots of freedom to research an assortment of beliefs. But, the highest ideal for your spiritual doctrine is being intelligent.

If your notions don't fulfill the essentials of being intelligent at the very least, they can't be considered spiritually sound as they'd be in violation of universal precepts. If a spiritual doctrine buckles under to untruth, if it unplugs you from life, or if it breaks you, it runs afoul of the rules and will only lead you astray.


In this book, we will challenge you to view your spiritual notions with reality, affection, and might. Our goal isn't to convert you to follow any specific practice but instead to help you bring greater conscious awareness to your present spiritual life.



Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Spirituality and Reality
Chapter 2: Spirituality and Affection
Chapter 3: Spirituality and Might
Chapter 4: Spirituality and Unity and Command
Chapter 5: Spirituality Bravery and Being Intelligent
Wrapping Up
Pages: 31.
Format: PDF.


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Customer Reviews

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Fania Mesa

Universal Attraction Law

Thought provoking

Quick and easy read. Great info to ponder over.

B D. Rodriguez
Five Stars

This book will set you life on the right path... straight to the top

Five Stars

makes you think, a lot


At the very core of this writing, I found much of it to feel like it was far above my understanding. It was in allowing the words to permeate me that I began to realize the truth behind them. I will be rereading this book for some time...allowing the truth of it to sink in. I have begun to assume my expectations and I am grateful.